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Barbed Wire Fence and Chain Link Fence used widely for preventing

Hi-Coat Wires is a reputed manufacturers, suppliers and dealers of Barbed wire and Chain Link fencing products. They are used to prevent unintended intrusion. Our products are preferred by our clients for its high corrosion resistance, anti-abrasiveness, high tensile strength, longer functional life, and easy maintenance. Quality of our wires and fencings is the benchmark of the company due to which, we have earned a huge list of reputed clients, spread all over the country.

Diverse security choice:

Barbed Wire – Single and Double Twisted
Chain Link Fencing – Galvanized & PVC Coating
Razor Wire – Concertina, Flat wrap
Chicken Mesh

Competitive Advantages

Cost Effective and High Efficient
Anti-Corrosive Materials – Durable and Long Lasting
Simple Structure – Easy Installation and Replace
Sharp Points and Edge – High Security and Defence

Security Facing & Insulation

Industrial Purpose and Irrigation Purpose
Residences, Garden Fencing and Construction Area
Government and Private Organizations
Military Sites and Battleground
Prison and Detention House

The support team will help our customers about our products such as barbed wire, GI chain link fencing, razor concertina wire characteristics, specification and installation, along with Barbed wire sense and chain link fencing application photos.
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Specifications of Barbed Wire:

Wire Gauge Thickness of
zinc coating
Per KG
12 × 12 250GSM
2.65MM × 2.65MM Approximately
3-4 inches
18 Approximately
1-1.5 inches
12 × 14 2.65MM × 2.00MM 26
14 × 14 2.00MM × 2.00MM 36

Popular Products and Sizes

  • Welded diamond razor wire strip fence on the topping of 450 mm high galvanized or stainless – steel brackets for anti-intrusion may be erected on of a twelve foot concrete block wall on private estate.
  • Medium blade stainless steel barbed tape with 0.5 mm thick steel sheet, 500 mm coil diameter
  • Barb wire h/d galv. core wire 2 mm with four barb every 10 cm
  • BTO-22 galvanized razor wire coils with loops dia 600mm used on ships for anti-piracy
  • Long barb barbed tape concertina from 2.5 mm grade 304SS wire and 0.5 mm thick 304SS strip, height of coil to be 610 mm after fully stretched to 10m.
  • 430 stainless steel razor tape concertina with razor tape dia: 600mm+/ - 50mm, barb length: 30 mm
  • Galvanized barbed wire made from 12.5 gauge wires, 4 point barbs spaced 125mm with 14 gauge wires.
  • Double twisted hot dipped galvanized barbed wires with 1.63 mm wire thickness, barbed distance 4 inch/5 inch, zinc coating 50 grs/m2, tensile 450 – 500 MPA, in 100 m / 250 m / 500 m rolls

Popular Products and Sizes

  1. Barbed Wire Property Right Solution

    Barbed wire is the most common source of wire fencing. Barbed wires are formed by twisting two line wires together, one or both of them containing the barbs. The barbs are locked at right angles to each other. Barbed wire fencing is ideal for security fencing with anti-climb and anti-cutting properties. The wires are strong and durable and corrosion resistant to provide complete safety against any sort of threat.

  2. GI Chain Wire Property Right Solution

    Chain link fences made from galvanized wires are tougher and resistant to rust and corrosion. The quality of GI chain link fence, depends on the thickness and strength of the wire, the size of the mesh, and the type of protective coating.

  3. Razor Wire Property Right Solution

    Concertina Razor Wire is made of hot-plunged aroused steel sheets or stainless steel sheets. With excellent and sharp edges and solid center wire, Concertina razor wire has the all the properties of secure fencing, simple establishment, age resistance


Best solution to site security

Hi-Coat Wires is one of the top manufacturers and dealers of wire mesh fences, including chain link fencing, razor wire, and barbed wire for site security. Customized production is available to suit the needs of the customer. Due to anti corrosive, high rigidity and high strength of the materials, it is used extensively for fencing (security) purposes in tennis courts, stadiums, parks, industrial units or any premises requiring security.

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