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Hi-Coat Wires provides fencing to protect the lands against encroachments. Constructing solid walls being a costly proposition, Hi-Coat Wires are committed to provide security through fencing by following the norms of quality management. We follow the quality principles, to develop wires and fencings in compliance with international quality standards to confirm the unflawed production. Quality checks are done at varied level of production to meet the client’s satisfaction level.

Hi-Coat Wires offers the full fencing production service from which includes Casting, rolling, drawing, hardening and electroplating. This provides 100% traceability and a systematically high level of quality and technical stability to customers. Therefore, our customers can profit along the long term, from a continued vanguard in quality, innovation and performance.

Hi-Coat Wires has state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern machineries for production of barbed wire and Chain Link wire products like wire nets, fences etc. Chain links are available in galvanized iron and steel forms. We are the dealers of original Concertina Coils.

Hi-Coat wires follow a stringent quality process to ensure that products are manufactured to world class standards. We, at Hi-Coat Wires, are committed to quality in our daily production. We are equipped with our own foundry and electroplating equipments. The production process is centrally monitored which enables to identify deviations in process that can be immediately rectified by our professional specialists. We use quality raw materials for the production of our precision wires. Our State-of-the-Art machineries and equipments enable our skilled workers to produce quality products. Our fully automated machines can be programmed to operate for hours which obviate manual labor and enhance the quality and the volume of production. Our warehousing facility is capable of storing large quantities of raw materials and manufactured products which helps us to ramp up the production and supply on demand.

Best solution to site security

Hi-Coat Wires is one of the top manufacturers and dealers of wire mesh fences, including chain link fencing, razor wire, and barbed wire for site security. Customized production is available to suit the needs of the customer. Due to anti corrosive, high rigidity and high strength of the materials, it is used extensively for fencing (security) purposes in tennis courts, stadiums, parks, industrial units or any premises requiring security.

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