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Electric Fencing Dealers and Contractors

Hi-Coat Wires is one of the leading Electric Fencing Dealers in Bangalore, India. Quality electric fencing solutions offered by us have placed our company among leading electric fencing suppliers in India. Electric fencing creates a barrier by providing an electric shock when an animal or person comes in contact. We have experience in producing a electric fence that satisfies the needs of domestic requirements and also for high security installations. Our products are trusted choices for local and international customers as they meet the strict specifications required to secure major contracts such as prisons, airports, power stations, defense facilities and municipalities worldwide.

Electric Fencing Dealers Bangalore

Hi-Coat Wires is one of the best Electric Fencing Contractors with the main aim to gain customer satisfaction. All our fencing electric products are of excellent quality and we have set high standards thus providing our clients a durable product. Electric fencing is widely appreciated in various agricultural sectors and farms for avoiding the entry of animals thus ensuring crop safety Electric fences are provided with pulse generators which generates pluses at regular time intervals. The shock is made sharp but a safer one, thus it does not harm the person or animal. The electric fence can also be installed for residential and commercial sectors to increase the security level.

Hi-Coat Wires have Fencing Contractors who are experts in installing these electric fences and maintaining them. Customers can provide their requirements for electric fencing. We manufacture the customized products as per requirements. We offer these electric fences in different grades and in market leading prices. The protective landscape is used by the electric fencing since it provides the best security systems. The Electric energy fencing is spread through all wires. The electric power is regulated at the given range as per the client’s requirements.

Electric Fencing Contractors Bangalore

Best solution to site security

Hi-Coat Wires is one of the top manufacturers and dealers of wire mesh fences, including chain link fencing, razor wire, and barbed wire for site security. Customized production is available to suit the needs of the customer. Due to anti corrosive, high rigidity and high strength of the materials, it is used extensively for fencing (security) purposes in tennis courts, stadiums, parks, industrial units or any premises requiring security.

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