Barbed Wire

Hi Court is among the top barbed wire manufacturers in India. Barbed wire , usually the ones made out of steel wire, are one of the oldest forms. Owners of commercial premises, residential apartments, and agricultural lands make extensive use of it in their properties.

When it comes to a low cost and easy to install  option, a barbed wire fence is the most economical solution that is out there. There are mainly three kinds of barbed wires found in the country.

The GI Barbed wire is considered to be the most common among all, while PVC coated is mainly used in coastal regions or places where the humidity is very high. The PVC coated barbed wire we provide are known to be of top-notch quality, which is much more durable as compared to the other counterparts in the market. Polymer Barbed Wires are used where the fencing is to be done in remote areas and high life of product is desired.

GI Barbed Wires Fence comes in the following sizes :

  • 12G x 12G Barbed Wire
  • 12G x 14G Barbed Wire
  • 13G x 13G Barbed Wire
  • 14G x 14G Barbed Wire

The zinc coating on this variant of barbed wire will determine its longevity. The zinc coating can be of different types. They include:

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