Residential Homes

Residential Homes:

The most common fence posts used are stones posts or concrete posts as most of them are quite heavy. In some cases heavy iron posts are used which are concreted into the ground. On the fence posts usually barbed wire or chain link installations are done


When the boundary wall is not correctly secured, there is always a high risk of trespassing happening in the property and improper security can lead to robberies, murder and kidnapping. There are many kinds of fencing you may find in the market. With the advent of technology, you will find many new technology options that provide security as well. So it not uncommon to find homes equipped with the latest in electronic security and advanced forms of fence systems. The most preferred type of  system being opted nowadays is the which is mounted on a Y angle. It is one of the traditional forms of keeping your residential space secure. However, it is quite effective in keeping the trespassers away.

In high crime areas, individual villa owners tend to prefer electric fence on top of the compound wall as the possibility of getting an electric shock acts as a big deterrent to criminals looking to break into the house. They will make sure that nobody can cross over and enter your residence in the middle of the night. And even if they succeed, the fence system will trigger an alarm which will wake up the neighbourhood.

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