Razor Wire

 When it comes to replacing the conventional barbed wire, many property owners rely on razor wire. Because of this reason, this product has become very popular in recent times. Razor wire consists of a central strand of high tensile wire and steel tape that is punched in the shape of barbs. The wire is made from Galvanized core wire and galvanized tape. The more premium varieties include stainless steel and stainless steel tape.

  • Fish-Hook Blade – This particular type is the one where the barb is like a fish hook.
  • Long blade – It is made of a stainless steel blade, which is primarily used for prison . As they are extra-long, they provide a strong psychological effect.
  • Tear Blade – It stands between the long and medium blade. It is vicious than the medium one, but a more economical option as compared to the long blade.
  • Medium Blade – It is a cost-effective option that is mostly useful for industrial and commercial applications.
  • Short Blade – It is similar to the barbed wire, but is most useful for military applications.
  • Flat Wrap – This type of coil is like a flat wrapped concertina coil.

Razor wires are known to be better in terms of functionality as compared to barbed wire as it has sharp barbs. If wild animals are damaging your property, getting razor wire installation should be your responsibility

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