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Inorder to prevent encroachment, the fence post installation is critical. Ideally heavy posts or strong concreting is to be done so that it is not possible for anyone to move the fence posts away.

The recommended distance between two fence posts in 10 feet but they can be placed as far apart as 20 feet to further save on cost. The basic pattern of the fence design is to go for 4 horizontal lines each at a distance of 1 feet from each other. Other popular designs include 5 horizontal and 2 diagonal lines or 6 horizontal lines and 6 vertical lines. Complete guide on how to install this type of fence system can be found here.

Vacant lands are not uncommon. They are easy to spot and can be a target for land grabbers and garbage dumpers. Providing adequate security to these lands is paramount to the landowner. It could help in keeping the land safe from harm and also save your time, effort, and money that may have been spent on legal issues & court litigations.

For vacant lands, the main issue faced is encroachment or illegal occupation that happens when a land is left unsecured for a significant period of time.

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