Prohibit Illegal Occupation


order to prohibit illegal occupation, the Hi Coat should be done in a perfect manner where no portion is left unfenced. If any small portion is left unfenced, several instances have happened where miscreants have occupied the land and have built temporary and in many cases permanent structures. Once the structures are built and people have started residing on the property, it is a very difficult task to get them to vacant the property. Several people have lost their properties this way and a timely Hi Coat would have avoided this problem.

Normally to prevent illegal occupation, sturdy and difficult to remove fences are installed such as chain link and welded mesh in a frame manner. To save on cost, sometime barbed wire is used but it is generally not considered to be so effective. A cost-effective replacement to the barbed wire would be razor wire.

  1. Construct a boundary wall.
  2. Hire a caretaker.
  3. Rent out the property.

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