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GI Chain Link Fence Manufacturers

Hi-Coat Wires is one of the leading GI Chain Link Fence Manufacturers in Bangalore, India. Chain link fencing is used for Residential bungalows, Apartment houses, Industrial areas, Farms, Grounds, Lands, Warehouses, Tennis courts, Pool areas, Parks and Parking lots. Chain link fences are made of galvanized steel wire or PVC coated wire. These wires are inter woven into mesh. This net-like configuration of chain link fence is secured around a specific area via steel or cement or pipe posts, which are deeply entrenched into the ground. Chain link fencing is not very expensive.

GI Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Hi-Coat Wires offers a fine range of GI chain link products using superior quality raw material according to client requirements. Fine quality raw material and hi-tech production methods ensures durability and reliability to our products. We have established as one of the top GI Chain Link Fence Manufacturers and dealers in India. We supply Chain fence links used for various applications such as fencing of farms, factories and animal enclosures to provide fencing across boundaries for security. Chain link fences made from galvanized wire are tougher and resistant to rust and corrosion. The quality of GI chain link fence, depends on the thickness and strength of the wire, the size of the mesh, and the type of protective coating. It an instant solution in all settings because of low cost and the ease of installation. Chain link fences are used for partitions to secure construction sites.

Galvanized wires are produced as per the standard specifications which are used in various applications in making Chain link Fencing and other wire products. It is used extensively for fencing purposes where security is required.

Our standard products use:

  • wire diameter of 16 swg to 8 swg(1.63 mm to 4 mm)
  • opening of 3/4" to 6”
GI Chain Link Fence Manufacturers Bangalore

Best solution to site security

Hi-Coat Wires is one of the top manufacturers and dealers of wire mesh fences, including chain link fencing, razor wire, and barbed wire for site security. Customized production is available to suit the needs of the customer. Due to anti corrosive, high rigidity and high strength of the materials, it is used extensively for fencing (security) purposes in tennis courts, stadiums, parks, industrial units or any premises requiring security.

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